Disclosure Policy

Blog owners are required to provide readers with disclosure policies, much as we are required to provide privacy policies when we accept paid advertising.  These disclosure policies are mandated by the FTC.  Here is the Cranky Lesbian disclosure policy, which was last updated on November 29, 2013. Prepare yourselves, because this makes for some scintillating reading:

This blog is a personal blog. It is written and edited by me and only me. Indeed, you can tell this by how poorly written and edited it is! This blog accepts paid advertising, though the lion's share of our compensation is purely spiritual.

Any non-spiritual compensation received for maintaining this website does not influence Cranky Lesbian's content, topics or posts. The only advertising service we currently utilize is Google AdSense.  Sometimes the ads are images, sometimes they're text, but they are always recognizable as advertisements.  We don't do anything sneaky!

I am not compensated to review products or services. I am not compensated to review websites or anything else for that matter. When I review things it is because I want to do so, and the opinions expressed belong entirely to me.  If I like a movie, I'll tell you I liked it.  If I think a movie sucks, I will certainly tell you it sucks.  My endorsement is not for sale (and so far no one has ever tried to buy it).

If you have additional questions about this disclosure you can direct them to me via e-mail at the address found in my Blogger profile.

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