Saturday, March 14, 2009

Argentina Loves Teen Lesbians, In a Non-Pervy Kind of Way

When I first clicked on a story called "In Argentina, a Camera and a Blog Make a Star" at the New York Times website this morning, I had no idea who it was about. But the second I saw a picture of 17-year-old Agustina Vivero, a popular "flogger" (or photo blogger) from Argentina whose Internet success has earned her modeling gigs, TV offers and promotional appearances, I thought to myself, "Do these teenagers know their 'star' is a lesbian?" As it turns out, they do. Writes Alexei Barrionuevo:

Her unlikely popularity is also redefining stereotypes of youth celebrity in Argentina. Ms. Vivero, who is openly gay, describes herself and other floggers as "androgynous" for their unisex clothing. She is comfortable with not being model-thin, eschewing dieting and boasting of her love of junk food and chocolate — a different message in a country where women have high rates of eating disorders.

"We are breaking a lot of barriers," she said.

That's pretty kick-ass, is it not?

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