Thursday, February 19, 2009

UK to Bigoted Phelps Clan: "Fuck Off, You Wankers"

Remember Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary of the UK who made waves a few months ago when she basically told Iranian gays seeking asylum in the United Kingdom to piss off and stay closeted in their home country to avoid execution? She's attracting headlines again this week, and this time it's for something good: American hate-mongers and national embarrassments Fred and Shirley Phelps want to stage one of their moronic protest publicity stunts outside a Hampshire, England performance of "The Laramie Project," and Smith is having none of it; she has blocked Fred and Shirley from entering the UK on the grounds that they're hatred-inciting extremists.

Not everyone is satisfied with Smith's decision (gay rights activist Peter Tatchell doesn't understand why homophobic Jamaican reggae singers don't face similar bans), but I like it. Not as much as I'd like to see Fred and Shirley picketed by thousands of angry gays and stylish drag queens holding signs that say "God Hates Hags," but it'll do for now.

Edited to add: Smith, by the way, is still insane.

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