Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Weirdness: The Great Tintin Debate

Who would have guessed there are still people who think Tintin is straight? British journalist Matthew Parris devoted a column to the character's sexuality earlier this month, making such a strong case for Tintin being a 'mo that more than a week later, people around the world are still talking about it. One paper, the Times of India, asked Tintin fans in Chennai to weigh in on the subject. Hilarity, inevitably, ensued. Sample response:
Kicking off the debate on Tintin's orientation, actor Shaam confesses to be quite astounded on hearing this news. "Never in my dreams would I have thought Tintin would be gay. Just because his best friend is a male sailor, it does not mean that he shares any romantic feelings for Haddock. I simply cannot digest this theory," he says.
The male fans arguing in defense of Tintin's alleged heterosexuality are the comic geek versions of Claymates. What will they say when Tintin announces that he's expecting an in vitro baby with Bianca Castafiore?

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