Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oy Vey! Ex-Gays!

From an interesting article written by Matt Kennard about ex-gays and ex-ex-gays:

Randy Thomas, 39, is the executive vice president of Exodus and an ex-gay himself. "I became a Christian at 24, but I didn't come to Christ to not be gay," he said. "It was only after a few months, I realized I didn't have to be gay, so I decided to live according to my faith. That was 16 years ago."

In the ex-gay movement there is spectrum of success. On one end are those who purport a full conversion to heterosexuality. On the other end are those plagued by guilt, unable to cleanse themselves of their urges. Thomas stands somewhere in the middle. "I have not experienced a full orientation shift," said Thomas. "But I went from 100 percent exclusively homosexual, to where I would feel OK being a husband and having a wife."

Isn't that romantic? Imagine you're the lucky woman who reels in this catch, and he proposes to you by saying that he, uh, really likes you and thinks he'd be OK with being your husband. The tears of anger and resentment happiness would never stop flowing!

And ladies, he's single. His relationship with an ex-lesbian girlfriend went bust last year because, in his words, "we weren't meant to be husband and wife." (According to my handy Ex-Gay to Gay-Gay dictionary, that means: "She didn't have a penis.") And, as he told Kennard, "She was particularly ex-gay." (Translation: "I vomited every time she tried to touch me.") If you guessed the pair never had sex, you're correct. But Thomas swears they had definite chemistry, which is easy enough to believe -- I'm sure they were the Edmund Lowe and Lilyan Tashman of the ex-gay set.

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