Wednesday, November 5, 2008

TV Critics Respond to the De-Lezzification of Grey's

TV Guide's Matt Mitovich, who earlier this week wondered if Brooke Smith's dismissal from Grey's Anatomy might fit a newly emerging pattern of ABC eliminating LGBT content from its shows, has now come out with a curiously upbeat appraisal of the move, writing that:
GLAAD may be "disheartened," but this Grey's Anatomy fan is thrilled to see the Erica-Callie romance put out of its misery. What was touted over the summer as being daring and informed in its exploration of someone's coming out instead too often played on-screen as awkward, devoid of chemistry and titillating purely for titillation's sake (Mark knows Callie's bits better than she does?). Kudos to Shonda Rhimes for taking a precise scalpel to this romance.
If the reports are accurate, Shonda Rhimes didn't do anything -- ABC did. And that last line of Mitovich's is so hilariously off-base that at first I assumed he was being facetious. It doesn't appear that anyone who writes for Grey's Anatomy is capable of precision; precise writing requires some degree of subtlety, and in Grey's land they seem to prefer repeatedly knocking their viewers over the head with heavy objects.

Matt Roush, another TV Guide writer who disliked the "Callica" storyline, takes a different tack, criticizing the show's scribes for their "ick-inducing" treatment of Callie's sexual confusion and going so far as to question whether Callie can remain a viable character in the wake of it. He parts with the line "I'm not so sure even a miracle worker like Bailey could fix this mess."

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