Sunday, November 9, 2008

This Is Why Charlotte Converted for Harry

The Goldenblatts love the gays.

With a kick-ass Huffington Post blog entry on Saturday, writer and actor Evan Handler has joined the growing list of celebrities registering their disgust with Californians who voted yes on Proposition 8 on Tuesday. I'm not going to quote anything from it, because you need to click the link and read it in its entirety, but I especially liked his response to his Sex and the City boss Michael Patrick King's ludicrous suggestion that a performance art protest is in order.

It shows that Handler really does understand what we're up against, and it's a nice companion piece to this angry Harvey Fierstein essay, also posted at HuffPost, that reads in part: "While we dance in the streets and pat ourselves on the back for being a nation great enough to reach beyond racial divides to elect our first African-American president let us not forget that we remain a nation still proudly practicing prejudice."

The Associated Press has also put together an article about celebrity reaction to the passage of Prop 8 that includes comments from Sean Penn, Melissa Etheridge, Ellen DeGeneres, Rosie O'Donnell, Christina Aguilera, and Samantha Ronson. At the time of this posting, more than 500 people who'd read the piece on MSNBC's website had inexplicably given it an average rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars. One of the highest-rated stories on the website, earning 4 stars out of 5, was called "Bullies may get kick out of seeing others in pain."

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