Friday, November 7, 2008

This Doesn't Sound Quite Right

So I was minding my business, lifting some lead off the roof of the Holy Name church* looking for information about an old Sidney Lumet film at IMDb (I know how to have fun on a Friday night), when I decided to skim today's WENN offerings. That's how I came across this odd little blurb about Elizabeth Banks banning her in-laws from seeing her latest movie:
Elizabeth Banks has banned her husband's parents from watching her strip in saucy new movie Zack And Miri Make A Porno.

The actress jumps into bed with pal Seth Rogen to make a sex tape for cash in the Kevin Smith comedy.

And Banks hates the idea of her in-laws watching her have sex with anyone other than her spouse of five years, Max Handelman.
Am I going crazy or is that last sentence rather disturbing? The piece goes on to quote Banks in a way that kind of explains the wording, but that doesn't mean my face hasn't been frozen in horror for the last five minutes anyway.

* Damn that Morrissey. Once he gets in your head he's there all day.

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