Thursday, November 6, 2008

"There Is No Gray Area Here"

Always look on the bright side of life.

That's what Erica Hahn said to her kind-of girlfriend Callie Torres at the end of what was reportedly actress Brooke Smith's final episode of Grey's Anatomy. After learning of some all-time rule-breaking involving a misappropriated donor heart that had gone on at the hospital, Hahn told Callie off about right and wrong, black and white, gay and not gay kind of matters, and stalked off.

In other words, nothing was resolved. And we've been led to believe that Smith is officially out the door. That ABC wanted her gone faster than that Heather Graham sitcom that was practically canceled before its first commercial break had ended. "Forget about finishing the goddamn Cadillac storyline, or whatever those Internet freaks call it" the network suits presumably said. "Get her out!"

So she's out. But how does "Callica" end? The preview for next week's episode, which dramatic voice over narration guy warned is trauma-heavy, included a shot of all the doctors standing around either an operating table or a gurney, looking somber, with Callie apparently sobbing. So, yeah, my guess would be there is no gray area here. Just a large, vast area (yes, I get that that's redundant) of unmitigated suckiness.

We'll see.

To cheer up any depressed Hahn fans who might be reading this, I've posted a picture of Penelope Cruz looking really dykey and grabbing Salma Hayek's ass. I know that always makes me feel better when I'm upset about something.

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