Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Round of Applause for Timothy Egan

"There she goes again, mentioning us to Matt Lauer!"

The Times writer and noted author wonders what the hell is going on in Alaska, and the resulting blog post is a thing of beauty. Seriously Alaskans: WTF?

Speaking of Alaskans and WTF?, Sarah Palin gave her first press conference today. If you guessed that it was barely longer than a Ramones song, you are correct and deserve some kind of prize. (Truly, Jason Biggs lasted longer with that pie than this woman who wanted to be the vice-president of the United States lasted in front of reporters. It's insane.)

You can choose from the lovely assortment of paperclips on my desk (there's a green one, a pink one and a bunch of boring old regular ones) or the Louise Brooks videocassettes I can't bring myself to throw out despite the fact that Pandora's Box and Diary of a Lost Girl are now available on DVD. It seems morally wrong to send anything bearing Louise's image to the landfill, even though I'm relatively certain the tapes and their cases don't have feelings.

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