Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Boys in the Band Comes to DVD

Movie buffs, it's time to get this week's Netflix queue in order if you haven't already, because Paramount will release William Friedkin's gay "classic" (in quotes because your mileage may vary) The Boys in the Band on DVD Tuesday.

Love it or hate it -- and I know a few of you hate it -- it's a milestone movie, it's a part of our history, and it should have been released on DVD, complete with documentaries and audio commentaries, years ago.

I'm not much of a Mart Crowley fan, but I look forward to seeing if Paramount was able to clean up the film's image quality and checking out all the special features. Until the Criterion edition of Chungking Express comes out later this month, it's the most exciting DVD arrival of November.

For a blast from the past, you can read what the Times had to say about The Boys in the Band in March of 1970.

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