Friday, October 24, 2008

Swedish Lesbians Still Entitled to Puppies (and Kronor)

What does this man have to do with lesbians and puppies?

Remember the Swedish kennel owner who wanted to deprive an adorable puppy of the love of two mommies because she was a giant, unrepentant homophobe? Back in February she'd been ordered by a Stockholm court to pay her lesbian would-be customer damages for discrimination and harassment, a decision she disagreed with and later appealed. Today came word that her appeal was rejected, meaning she has to fork over 20,000 kronor (a little more than $2,500) for being a hateful jerk.

The weirdest part of the story was the kennel owner's reasoning behind blocking the sale of the puppy: She didn't want to sell a dog to a gay owner because of issues she had with transvestites, who she thought were involved with animal pornography. What do lesbians have to do with transvestites? I know a lot of us are Eddie Izzard fans, but beyond that I don't see much of a connection. And what do transvestites have to do with animal pornography? Everyone knows that transvestites are far too busy taking in old Steve Reeves movies and making a man with blond hair and a tan to get caught up in something as disgusting, and illegal, as that.

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