Friday, October 10, 2008

Poli Sci Nerds, Riddle Me This

Can the McCain campaign really expect to capture the Jewish vote in Florida if they keep holding quasi-Klan rallies?

It might also be worth noting that McCain is trying -- and failing -- to connect with Hispanic voters.

When you attack your opponent for his so-called "otherness," when you make his "otherness" an issue in venues packed with angry, mostly white evangelical types, aren't you basically telling every voter who has some "otherness" of his or her own to fuck off? Aren't you also, by extension, telling every voter who doesn't seem like an "other" (whatever that means) but still appreciates "otherness" (rather than fearing it) to fuck off as well? What kind of voter base does that leave you with, other than the dregs of society and, uh, Pat Buchanan?

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