Friday, October 31, 2008

I've Had It With These Motherfucking Homophobes on This Motherfucking Plane!

"Joseph Smith could have dozens of wives and Sulu can't have one fucking husband? What kind of bullshit is that?"

The only thing missing from this great No on Proposition 8 ad narrated by Samuel L. Jackson is a few well-placed f-bombs. Imagine how majestic it would sound with just the slightest of script revisions:
"It wasn't that long ago that discrimination was legal in California. Japanese Americans were confined in internment camps. Armenians couldn't buy a house in the Central Valley. Latinos and African Americans were told who they could and could not marry. It was a sorry time in our history. Today, the sponsors of Prop 8 want to eliminate fundamental rights. We have an obligation to pass along to our children a more tolerant, more decent society. Vote fucking No on Prop fucking 8. It's unfair and it's wrong, motherfuckers."
There is still time to volunteer for and donate to No on Proposition 8. I've already forked over my money and harassed other people to do the same with theirs. The Mormon hate machine must be stopped. And if I could single out all of you California homos who are reading this -- I've examined my Google Analytics and see your San Francisco and West Hollywood asses out there -- I hope you're doing your part. You don't want the friggin' Osmonds telling you who you can marry, do you?

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