Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Gospel According to Margaret Cho

It's hard to pick a favorite quote from Margaret Cho's new blog post addressing the religious wackos -- or, as she calls them, "racist homophobic misogynist fake Christian shitheads" -- who've been on her case since she criticized Sarah Palin last week. (Because, you know, it's totally Christian to make rape victims pay for their own forensic exams, as Palin did when she was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. How offensive of Cho to suggest otherwise! Silly comedian, thinking she could have an opinion about something...) Do you choose the one about God being "a serious bottom," or the one about God's love of profanity?

The profanity one is somewhat majestic ("He doesn't give a shit about the profanity. The bitch fucking invented profanity. He thinks it is hilarious"), but ultimately I think the winner is what she closes with:
If you truly believed in Jesus, you would try to be like him and love us, fags and dykes and feminists all. God bless you, even you. You fucking fuckers.
It has a certain Dickensian quality, doesn't it? I read it and imagined Tiny Tim saying "God bless us, every one! Even you, you fucking fuckers."

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