Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What Is It About Australia?

David Lee Roth or Siegfried of Siegfried and Roy? You make the call.

First there was the sickening "lesbian vampires" murder case. (Who would have guessed that lesbian vampires existed outside of late-night Cinemax movies?) Then there was the woman who made a sex tape with two underage girls. Now here's the story of Roslyn Moore, an Australian psychologist who has been accused of having a short-lived affair with a female patient. Because that isn't quite sleazy enough on its own, it has also been alleged that Moore "offered reduced fees and used inappropriate treatment methods to 'cure' the woman of her homosexuality."

Yet the strangest part of the whole story just might be reports that Moore is obsessed with the rock band Van Halen. No word on whether the disgraced psychologist is currently sporting a mullet, but I'm betting if she doesn't have one now we can surely find one somewhere in her past.

Bonus Australian nuttiness...

Today the Daily Telegraph published an article with the hilarious headline "Glamour Lesbians Attack Pope and Catholic Church." Kind of brings to mind visions of Jacqueline Susann characters striding across the Vatican and bitch-slapping Pope Benedict with their bauble-covered hands, doesn't it? The reality is less intriguing; turns out a few Raelians in dreadful wigs wore message t-shirts outside Parliament House to protest an upcoming visit the Pope will make to Australia. I'm disappointed! I was hoping for something much more dramatic, or at least something more John Waters-esque.

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