Monday, June 2, 2008

Sharapova Out at French

Maria Sharapova has been ousted from the French Open by Dinara Safina. It wasn't a surprising turn of events -- Sharapova had struggled in all her previous matches, while Safina seems increasingly determined to prove she's no Marat -- but that doesn't lessen my sadness over today's results. Not only have I been robbed, cruelly robbed, of the chance to type this again at the end of the tournament, I've also been robbed of the chance to see Sharapova's nifty Nike duds for the next week. At least Roger's still around and looking dapper as ever.

In other news... The New York Times ran an interesting piece today called "When Intolerance Becomes Intolerable." Writer Marci Alboher profiles Lisa Sherman, a marketing VP who quit her job at Bell Atlantic fifteen years ago, after a diversity training seminar revealed her colleagues were a bunch of raging homophobes. Sherman's exit from the company prompted chief executive Raymond W. Smith to take swift action in making Bell Atlantic a gay-friendlier corporation, and Sherman is now a bigwig at Logo, also known as the nonstop Bad Girls and Queer as Folk channel. Which is another way of saying that I wish Logo's programming department would have some kind of diversity training seminar.

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