Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lesbians, Check Your Windows

From the department of creepiness comes this ABC News story about Rosanne Strott and Emily Niland, two Massachusetts College of Art and Design students who were filmed "during an intimate encounter without their knowledge" by David Cunha and David Siemiesz, creeps from a nearby dormitory. Cunha and Siemiesz then uploaded the video to the Internet, where it made the rounds for several months before being brought to the attention of Strott and Niland, who are now pursuing legal action against the voyeurs and would like to see them expelled from the Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Siemiesz admits that recording them felt "kind of wrong," but claims "We didn't understand the severity of the situation when we were taping it"; Wentworth is currently conducting its own investigation of the incident. Says Niland:
"Blinds open or not, I have nothing to be ashamed about. I might be embarrassed, I might feel violated, but I have nothing to be ashamed about. They are the ones who have something to be ashamed of."
Unsurprisingly, many of the moronic reader comments that follow the story go like this:
"This looks like they need to buy some curtains. Just because they are gay doesn't mean they can do it in public and if they are able to been see from the out side then it is public."
Never mind the pesky fact that nobody was doing anything in public, or that no one is asking for special treatment on the basis of their sexuality: Any opportunity to complain about "the gays" is an opportunity that must be seized.

What the ABC News article leaves out, but the Boston Herald has already covered, is Strott's comment that the men can be heard "remarking on her body and chanting antigay slurs" as they taped the encounter. In the same article, a just-not-getting-it Siemiesz maintains that, "I didn't feel like a creep. I didn't feel like a Peeping Tom. I felt like this type of thing happens a lot."

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