Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jena Malone on Her Two Moms

Yeah, I'm not really sure how to caption this.

Jena Malone, a talented actress whose career Evan Rachel Wood seems to have stolen (or maybe not -- would Malone have agreed to star in something as crappy as The Life Before Her Eyes?), has always been candid about having been raised in a Heather Has Two Mommies arrangement. Still, it was nice to read this in her new interview with The Independent:
"I was raised by two mums who were lovers. When I was younger it wasn't anything that was abnormal. I had two mums and for me that was really exciting because when I was younger most people seemed to like their mum more than their dad so I'd be like, 'Ha, I've got two of them!' And I feel I got a lot of love, respect and acceptance from them. I had a really healthy normal relationship with my parents."
Malone also tells reporter Lesley O'Toole that she takes pictures of her mothers, her sister and her father with her when she travels. It is unclear whether she packs photos of Mandy Moore's breasts as well.

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