Monday, April 14, 2008

Andy Cohen's Lesbian "Work Out" Conspiracy

Jackie Warner: Personal trainer or Britney Spears backup dancer?

All of Bravo exec Andy Cohen's straight female friends are just crazy about Bravo's "Work Out" star Jackie Warner, the New York Times reported this morning. The Times didn't do much in the way of independently verifying Cohen's claims, which include him saying, "I'm from St. Louis. When I go home a lot of times I'm amazed by the suburban married women that are coming up to me and saying, 'I'm in love with Jackie Warner,'" and trotting out the obligatory married-with-children female friend to pontificate on her girl crush. But let's be honest -- does anyone care?

I know I don't, but I thought I'd point out the Cohen quote in that half-assed way of mine because I, too, hail from St. Louis, and none of the married suburbanites I know have ever declared their love or lust for Jackie Warner. In fact, I'd be surprised if more than a couple of them could even tell you who Jackie Warner is. (A majority would probably furrow their brows and ask if she's related to Kurt.) However, they do think the soft butch KSDK reporter who used to co-host "Show Me St. Louis" is hot. If anyone at the Times wants to report on that, I can put you in touch with some people.

The new season of "Work Out" starts tomorrow, btw. Will Jackie find another heterosexual-with-attention-whore-tendencies employee to make out with while the rest of the gang looks on in horror? Will Peeler still be as bald as my seventh grade algebra teacher? And who are all the people I don't recognize in this year's cast photo? There's a preview available on Bravo's website that might answer some of these questions; I haven't bothered to look at it yet because my Tuesday night viewing plans are all about Lars and the Real Girl.

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