Thursday, March 20, 2008

Short Cuts: Herbie the Lesbian Love Bug Edition

"Yeah, my Subaru's in the shop, so I'll be driving this for a while."

When she isn't dallying hetero-style with fourth-rate rockers in Europe, part-time actress and full-time tabloid fodder Lindsay Lohan is caught in a lesbian love triangle with DJ Samantha Ronson and professional rich kid Courtenay Semel. I'm on Team Ronson (hey, her brother's really talented) and so far it appears she is winning, because Star magazine reports that Lohan and Semel are no longer roommates and England's The Sun has pointed out that Lohan was recently photographed wearing a ring with Ronson's initials on her ring finger. Of course, Star magazine is basically The Weekly World News with a focus on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie instead of Bigfoot, and The Sun is, well, The Sun, so this is all completely meaningless and only merited space here today because I'm unbelievably bored at work.

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