Thursday, March 6, 2008

Short Cuts: Cynthia Nixon and Elderly Lezbots Edition

"OMG, look at Jessica Biel's ass!"

For some reason, Cynthia Nixon (pictured above with Kristin Davis, because Kristin Davis is pretty and, dammit, this stupid blog is mine and I don't have to explain my decisions to anybody!) is getting a lot of attention this morning for saying she's in love with her girlfriend. I'm not sure why, since you generally expect people to love their girlfriends or boyfriends, but it's not like I haven't been accused of being dense before. Here's what she said while doing press for the upcoming Sex and the City movie:
"I'm in a fantastic relationship. It's been about four years. I'm in love with [Christine] because she's her. If she were a man, would I be in love with her? I don't know. We shop and cook and raise children - we both pitch in."
You can keep the cracks about who does most of the pitching to yourself, you cretins. They're a cool couple and should be left alone. JC Chasez and the overplucked guy from Gossip Girl, on the other hand, might deserve a bit of a scrutiny.

And in other news...

Liz Smith, Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner are all contributing to the same website and no, it's not a new geriatric section of AfterEllen, though one is undoubtedly in the works. They're just three of the names attached to Wowowow, a new Internet hangout for mature women. Candice Bergen, Whoopi Goldberg and Marlo Thomas will also chip in; but before you visit the site, which officially opens for business on Saturday, you should know that Peggy Noonan (even Meryl Streep knows there's something off about Peggy Noonan, and Meryl Streep has spent decades promoting studio movies, so she rarely says anything but "so-and-so's delightful!") and 60 Minutes hack Lesley Stahl are two of its co-founders. You can read more about the creation of Wowowow here.

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