Sunday, January 6, 2008

Extreme Hotness Alert: Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington will kick your ass in a staring contest.

After last night’s rant, here is something shockingly positive. The New York Times, in their almost-infinite wisdom (they still have the ill-fated TimesSelect experiment to answer for), has published a photo essay on Kerry Washington, the exceptionally talented actress who is best known for her work in The Last King of Scotland and Ray. You might also remember her as one of Angelina Jolie’s colleagues in Mr. & Mrs. Smith and one-half of a lesbian couple hoping to conceive with the help of an ex-boyfriend in Spike Lee’s She Hate Me.

The Bruce Gilden photos were taken as Washington met a number of presidential hopefuls, and I defy you to look at the second image in the slideshow and not come to the conclusion that Dennis Kucinich was totally hoping for a threesome. Washington also gave a follow-up interview to The Moment, in which she called seeing Barack Obama live “a transformative experience,” but added that her politics are probably closer to Kucinich’s.

Knowing that Dennis Kucinich is outspokenly in favor of same-sex marriage while candidates Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Barack Obama and Bill Richardson oppose gay marriage and endorse civil unions, Washington's comment only adds to her considerable hotness.

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