Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Week in Gay News

Because posting a photo of Anderson Cooper would have been too easy.

We've already heard about Dykes on Bikes, Stephen Fry kicking ass, and lesbian American Gladiators this week, so here are a bunch of other gay stories that were in the news:

Millionaire Gerurdas Gerrit Heijne has been charged with
murdering his partner, Frank Cianciosi, in their Perth penthouse.

Wacky pastor Ken Hutcherson is
gaining allies in his bizarre fight/shameless publicity stunt against Microsoft, a company he has criticized for their lack of homophobic practices.

Daily Mail published a characteristically salacious account of lesbian rugby player Elaine Grant's suicide.

In England, school officials have
denied charges that 14-year-old student Belinda Allen's suicide was motivated by homophobic bullying at the hands of her classmates.

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's
history of racism and homophobia finally caught the attention of CNN.

In Brazil, a transsexual hairdresser and her partner
lost custody of their adopted baby because of a homophobic government official.

A Russian court has
declined to press charges against gay rights activists, including Moscow Pride organizer Nicolas Alexeyev, who were detained while protesting against homophobic politicians during a December election.

Ralph Becker, the new mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah, has
proposed a domestic partner registry that will be voted on by city council later this month. If Bill Henrickson and his wives really existed, they'd probably be scandalized by this. (With the possible exception of Margene, who wouldn't mind registering with Ana.)

In Maryland,
domestic partnerships have been defined and Republicans aren't happy. However, it is important to note that most Republicans have been unhappy since Showtime canceled
Queer as Folk, thus making it harder for them to get their weekly dose of hot guy-on-guy action without having to intercept credit card bills so their wives don't Google Sean Cody.

In Sydney, Australia, police have been accused of ignoring a rash of anti-gay hate crimes.

Finally, Kevin Spacey hasn't tried his hand at writing or directing since
Beyond the Sea flopped, but I think I've found the perfect story for him to option:
A gay man who had sex on the beach with three male prostitutes but was unable to pay was robbed of his cellphone and wallet, it was alleged in the Cape Town magistrate's court on Thursday.

Court officials battled to keep straight faces as self-confessed prostitutes Reagon Adonis, 23, Steven November and Jamie Lee Davids, both 20, told of their experience with a client, Marius Jacobs.

They pleaded guilty to a charge of robbery, but magistrate Ingrid Freitag changed their pleas to not guilty after hearing their story.

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