Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lawyer Offended by "Dykes" Told to Shove It

Queen Latifah is all smiles as she celebrates the Supreme Court's decision.

Michael McDermott, the attorney and loon extraordinaire who was unsuccessful in his attempt to overturn a 2006 U.S. Patent Office decision allowing everyone’s favorite decades-old organization of motorcycle-loving lesbians to trademark the name “Dykes on Bikes,” was
bitch-slapped by the Supreme Court Monday when they denied review of his appeal without comment. (I think we can all agree the no comment part deserves an "oh, snap.")

McDermott originally argued that the phrase Dykes on Bikes was “disparaging to men” and “scandalous and immoral.”
Having tried unsuccessfully for a good ten minutes to come up with a Shangri-Las or John Travolta/Wild Hogs joke, I will now admit defeat and acknowledge that I have nothing to add to this story; I was just itching to post that picture.

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